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Our website is designed to provide fast, clear, and convenient GPA calculator online in a majority of areas. Currently, we offer average grade calculator, GPA converter, weighted GPA calculator, unweighted GPA tool and more. We do our best to help students make quick calculations of any kind.

The process of GPA calculating is about dividing the amount of points you’ve earned by the amount of class hours. This point may be from 0.0 to 4.0

Semester and Cumulative GPA Calculator
Now you can check your highschool, college, university GPA or CGPA score right here!
Cumulative GPA
  1. To find out your cumulative GPA, enter the score you have already earned.
  2. Enter a total number of quality hours that you have earned.
  3. Enter the number of credit hours for every class you are currently attending.
  4. Enter the grade you have already received or the grade you think you are most likely to receive.
  5. Press the Calculate button.
  6. Enjoy fast and clear results!
Semester GPA conversion
  1. To find out your semester GPA, just enter your credits for every course you are taking.
  2. Select the grade you have received or think that you will receive in every course you mention.
  3. Press the Calculate button and wait for a while.
  4. Get your results!

Use our cumulative GPA calculator as well as an option to check your average semester GPA and you will always be informed about your current performance

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Here is what you need to do to get your GPA:

  • Have your grades ready
  • Fill out the GPA form
  • If there are any grades that are not out yet, give an estimate
  • Calculate
  • The GPA calculator gives you the result

If you are having trouble calculating your GPA, you have come to the right place. Register with us and we will ensure you stay on top of your grades throughout the semester. You will be able to compute your overall GPA with our new calc GPA feature. All you will need to do is to fill the calculator form and you will get your GPA in seconds.